Genoger, The Quest for the Head of Yaringresh

Arriving to Bannerdash

As you arrive to Bannerdash, you note that the weapons and armor are vastly cheaper than in most other cities or kingdoms(40% to cost for normal weapons and armor, 75% to cost for masterwork and magical weapons and armor).

The start of the game

The PCs will start out at 4th level and will have two choices: Either to start off together at the start or to meet up from various parts of Genoger. That can be determined among yourself or I can flip a coin, either one is fine.

Starting gold is 5,400 gp for each of you. If you need to know what races are available in Genoger, you can go to the campaign I have on my profile that just says Genoger and it will have all of the info until I put some of it on this campaign for ease. If you have any questions let me know, either on facebook or a message on here.


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